A Look Back At Our 2018

While everything in 2018 didn’t go as planned, we had many good times. One of our best family qualities is our ability to make the most of what we have & where we are. Forever grateful for our adventures, we know how to turn even a simple #Walmart run into a treat. Best time ever!

Let’s recap our 2018 adventures!


Soon after returning from a last minute road trip to Toledo, Ohio, snow took over our area. There was so much more than we’d anticipated! In order to fully explore, Johnny attached the girls’ wagon to our lawnmower & chauffeured us around. (See it here) Most innovative dad ever!


After school, we decided to take over the park & then try a new-to-us restaurant. (See it here)

2 peanut butter girls


From school activities, to Black Panther, an indoor pool party, an art show, origami class, visiting Tiger World, & watching a laser light show for the first time, March was full of activity. However, a casual date day exploring at the lake was just what Johnny & I needed. (See it here)


Things didn’t slow down in April. First up, was a visit to downtown Mebane for an event that showcases local artists. Then, we witnessed the demolition of an historic building, tried a local ice cream shop, got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Southern Women’s Show, took a spontaneous road trip to Columbia, SC, attended an 80s party, registered Vivia for Kindergarten, & attended Alora’s Science Olympiad competition. WHEW!

Black moms & daughters


It was time to slow down a bit. Although there was a little less activity, no fun was lost. We spent more time outside, explored Fayetteville, NC, contemplated new pets (NO!), & enjoyed dinner with family at The Streets of Southpoint.



Hello heat & summer snack prep! We were invited to an Incredibles 2 event. I took my first official yoga class. The party was ON at the Slice of Summer water festival in Graham, NC. Last but never least, we had a day of hiking, caving, & playing in a water hole!

Adventurous black family


Museum visits were a must. Vivia’s birthday was a full on family celebration! We were invited to tour Xtreme Park Adventures & try out their gem mining activities. Vivia got her ears pierced & in preparation for school, there was #BackToSchool shopping!

Kids Gem Mining


Happy Birthday to me! August didn’t disappoint. It consisted of family outings, a splash park, photo shoots, & the first day of school for BOTH girls!

Burlington NC splash park


Our activity level slowed waayyy down as we got accustomed to school hours & homework. We also developed a great bedtime routine & got a jump on fall activities by exploring downtown shops & bakeries.

downtown mebane nc


A Tai Chi class, hardcore fitness, the NC State Fair, Halloween school festivities, & did someone say zombies??!! Halloween is one of our FAVE holidays if you didn’t know. When we were invited back to Xtreme Park Adventures to check out allll of their creepy, zombie fun, we couldn’t get there fast enough!

xtreme park adventures


Alora turned 11 & oh boy… we had a blast! We also attended another birthday party, visited Old Mill Farm, & the 2pbgirls participated in their first #ShopJustice Fashion Show event. November was a month to remember!

Old Mill Farm for families


We made it! A science project, media event, Snowpocalypse, & Christmas gifts filled the month. The year’s end was both challenging & magnificent. While Christmas magic is always around during December, we lost a very dear loved one. It was really hard for us, but we managed to hold on to our holiday spirit.

2 Peanut Butter Girls


THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support always. It means much more than could ever be expressed! How exciting to enter 2019 with new adventures to come. We hope you’ll make yourself at home here on the blog & hang out with us on the channel (Thanks for subbing btw!). With God’s help, there’s much more fun, adventure, & family headed your way. <3

Happy New Year.