I Tried Personalized Shampoo & Conditioner (Plus A Giveaway!)

**This post is a collaboration with Formulate. All opinions are my own.**

Happy new year besties!

I’m not sure how you welcomed 2019 but I was home with a sick family. Good times, good times. I won’t get into the details here but you can read all about it in this post. What I will get into is some beauty newness for all of your adventures to come!

It’s obvious I don’t do a lot to my hair. I’m natural (no chemicals) with a course, kinky/coily texture. Protective styles (no fuss) are my jam because I’m usually sweating from a gym workout, outside in blazing sun, or wearing a hat to shield my brain from frostbite! Ha!

Finding places to go & things to do has been much more important than taking care of my crown. I know, I know. I need to do better! I must do better. Actually…

I already have.

Formulate Review

Not long ago, I made an Instagram announcement about my new partnership with Formulate. Never heard of it? No problem. Let's get you up to speed.

Formulate is a company specializing in personalized shampoo & conditioner. The products are high quality, cruelty-free, & don’t contain sulfates, parabens, or phosphates. The shampoo & conditioner are 14 oz each & formulated to fit what your hair wants & needs.

Don’t you just love how intimate that is?!

To place an order, you’ll first fill out an online questionnaire. You’ll answer questions about the current state of your scalp/mane, your hair goals, & your preferences in terms of fragrance & how strong you want it to be. Formulate has a few scent options to choose from but I don’t think a ‘fragrance-free’ choice is available just yet.

I chose Freshly Squeezed.

Yes. It smells just like a bag of fresh, sliced oranges. I opted for the strong scent, too! I promise you… I should’ve been born in a tropical region where sundresses are the main attire, sun is queen, melanin glows, fruits abound, & kinky hair (like mine) smells infinitely edible. I love a sweaty, tiring adventure but get me cleaned up & smelling good….



My experience.

I’ve used the products a few times but because my hair has been so neglected, I’ll be watching closely over the next few months to really see the repair.

During my first use, I noticed how well the shampoo lathered. I loved that, but, my hair felt very dry afterwards. I read the instructions again out of curiosity & realized the ‘5 pump’ suggestion. Because I section my hair to avoid tangles when washing, I didn’t realize the amount of shampoo I was using. Could this be the reason for the dryness??? Perhaps. I haven’t noticed it again since I stopped being so heavy on the pump.

The conditioner wasn’t as thick as my other staple conditioners nor did it have the slip needed to detangle my kinky natural hair. I smelled fabulous though, btw!

Here’s where it gets good.

If your products need a bit of tweaking after your first use (and that’s normal!), Formulate will listen to your concerns, reengineer your product(s), & send you another set free of charge. That’s quality customer service if you ask me! I’m in awe of how hard the company works to (literally) create a positive & quality experience with its customers.

That feels so rare these days.

I decided to have them work on my conditioner. I needed more slip! The chemists worked on it, sent me a new formulation, & it was so much better.

Formulate Review

My verdict.

I really like Formulate. The packaging alone stole my heart! Since my first use, I’ve noticed more volume, more shine, & my hair seems stronger. I can’t promise those results for everyone but it’s a winning combination for me!

I will continue this journey with personalized products because I’m curious to see how my hair changes. As I get outside more with my family, having products that stand up to varying temps will be necessary. Adventure is always waiting & this time around, I’m going to take better care of my hair in the process!

If there are any drastically noticeable changes, I’ll update you. Otherwise, let’s get into this giveaway & give you the chance to have a (hair) chemist in your circle!

Wanna try Formulate for yourself? Scroll down!

Formulate review
Formulate review
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Enter the giveaway HERE. This is a direct link to my personal Formulate profile & all my hair’s business. You can also explore the site. Don’t forget to click the giveaway link, enter to win your own personalized products, & Formulate will do the rest. This giveaway ends January 31, 2019. (17 days!)

Good luck besties.