Using The New KidCircle App

**Thriller Mom recently partnered with KidCircle. This is my review of the app**

With Christmas break fast approaching, activity options are high on my priority list. My daughters would be content watching Youtube videos but that won’t suffice for me. A bit of adventure (whether near or far) will do this family good!

There’s always a surplus of activities to choose from during the holidays. That’s one of the things I love most about Christmas. Opportunities to give & receive, to marvel & enjoy are all around. You’ll find plenty to do if you set aside enough time to research your options. Or… you can do what we’ve done & jump on the KidCircle train!

My family recently learned about & partnered with KidCircle. It’s a relatively new app created to find local & inexpensive activities for kids/families. It takes the busy-work out of searching for & scheduling things to do. If you’re actively scouting familial activities like me, you know it can take a chunk of time from your day.

KidCircle was created by a parent. A father who saw a need & set out to fill it. A husband who knew time could be better spent with his wife & son rather than on his phone or computer. In other words, someone who knows the struggle!

How It Works

Okay… let’s get to the bones of this thing.

First, download the app from Google Play or App Store. Then create a profile. You’ll be asked for some personal information, your children’s interests, etc. This information is needed to find events they’ll enjoy as well as activities that are age-appropriate & closest to your family’s everyday locations.

Remember, KidCircle was created to offer parents as much convenience as possible.

The app does its best to ensure suggested activities aren’t coinciding with school days/hours. For instance, there’s no need to be notified of events occurring midday & mid week of the school year. Your kids are at school & many parents at work during that time. Oh & by the way, the app will even remind you of early release days, etc. Nice, right?!

KidCircle works to save you time by providing relevant, accurate, & useful information; Information about entertaining activities that work with your family’s schedule. The app allows you to pay & fill out paperwork right from your mobile phone. No more waiting in long lines to get the ball rolling. By using KidCircle, you & your child(ren) will have more time to actually enjoy the activity.

KidCircle App

What I Didn’t Like

I initially had an issue with some of the personal information requested (as I do with many apps). It’s important to me that my family & my readers are protected in the online space! I don’t recommend things just for the sake of doing it. I also like to be transparent when it comes to the pros AND cons I’ve experienced with people/places/things.

In this situation, instead of wondering or fuming, I reached out with my concerns.

Much sooner than I expected, I received a reply. Soon after that, I jumped on a call with the KidCircle creator. We had a very in-depth discussion concerning my thoughts. He explained the reasoning behind the requested information & assured me of the tough security used to protect it. Security is so tight in fact, he nor his staff are able to access most of what’s in your profile. It’s for your eyes only & protected with your Touch ID.

Am I saying the app is perfect? No. Nothing is but improvements to KidCircle are being made consistently. I can say that I felt much better after venting during that phone call & receiving the security assurance he gave me. I have used the app so far with no problems. If that changes, I will handle it accordingly & let you, my readers, know about it.


So far, I stand behind KidCircle & will use it to find/schedule many more activities. I encourage you to give it a try & see how you like it! If you run into problems, contact them. The admins are very friendly & appreciate honest feedback. If you’re still unhappy, feel free to delete your account & uninstall the app.

Visiting the site will give you even more perspective of how it all works. After you download the app, let me know what you think. Also, if you’re an activity provider, you can market & manage your programs right from the app! Like I said… convenience. Be sure to look into it & get your business out there for people to see.

(To check out the first event we attended through KidCircle, go here.)