Zombie Hunting At Xtreme Haunt

*This activity was sponsored by Xtreme Park Adventures. All opinions are my own.*

When I was a kid, my dad had memberships to most of the local video stores (Blockbuster, Family Video, etc.). Remember those? Luckily for me, I was also able to use those accounts to rent what I wanted.

My childhood was filled with horror movies & monsters. I’m sure my parents thought my obsession was strange but they didn’t say so. If it drank blood, returned from the dead, wouldn’t die, or floated through walls, I wanted to see it! I couldn’t get enough.

Admittedly, I’m not into the paranormal stuff anymore. I once loved movies like The Exorcist but something has turned me off over the years. As an adult, I still have a love affair with horror creatures but my favorites are vampires & zombies!

Doesn’t get any better.

For someone like me, what could be more romantic than cuddling with my boo & screaming “RUN!” to potential victims as doom lingers??? I’ll tell ya what… getting to dive into real life zombie situations at Xtreme Haunt!

So. much. fun.

You may remember our gem mining visit to the park over the summer. There’s a blog post & video of our experience if you’ve forgotten or haven’t seen it yet. During October 2018, Xtreme Park Adventures has become Xtreme Haunt with thrilling activities for the Halloween season.

I love it!

Our Night…

The park hosted us for a night of zombie fun. Our first activity was the Xtreme Haunt zombie ride. It’s a real-life zombie experience based on the premise of you, a traveler, having car trouble. You’re stranded & almost become zombie food. Then the Calvary arrives on a 40 foot military truck just in time! You work together to wipe out the zombies & escape.

Or at least try to.

(Be sure to visit the site link highlighted above to get more details.)

The ride is 10-15 minutes long. Once you board your designated truck, everyone has a gun (paintball). You may/may not have additional ammo to reload. It all depends on the type of ticket you possess. If I’m not mistaken, there is ammo available to purchase during the ride.

Prepping trucks for the hunt.

Prepping trucks for the hunt.

Xtreme Haunt military trucks
Paintball guns
Paintball pods


Watch a movie while you wait to board your truck.

Watch a movie while you wait to board your truck.

Xtreme Haunt


We tried our hand at Shooter. This is a timed game & the objective is to get in & out as fast as possible. Protective eye wear (required & provided), a weapon, & instructions are given prior to starting.

A “soldier” will accompany you through the ordeal while you take out zombies & attempt to survive. Good luck & watch your step! If you watch the vlog to accompany this post, you’ll understand the reference.

Shooter game!

Shooter game!

Xtreme Haunt Shooter Game


The Escape Jail was our final venture. You are handcuffed & given roughly 10 minutes to find clues, figure things out, & escape. I’m sure this isn’t the toughest jail/escape room to tackle but you better pay attention to details. Otherwise, prepare to call that place home.

We were handcuffed for a while & unable to get many photos/videos of this activity. Plus, we didn’t want to give away clues. You’ll just have to make the visit for yourself.

Getting handcuffed in the Escape Jail.

Getting handcuffed in the Escape Jail.

Other Things To Do

Between hunts, indulge in taking photos in the photo booth, playing the Walking Dead arcade game, & having a snack/drink in the lounge. The customer service is impeccable & a real “haunt” to behold!

Xtreme Haunt Durham NC
Xtreme Park Adventures
Xtreme Haunt
Xtreme Haunt

If you like zombies or the Halloween season in general, you can’t miss out on Xtreme Haunt. The adventure park is fun anytime of year but I’m pretty impressed with the haunted transformation. Go with your boo, a group of friends, or your family for a really fun time & a lot of laughter!

If you’re thinking about the kiddos, I wouldn’t recommend most of the activities for very young children (5 & under) but older ones should be fine. You know your kids & what’s best for them so use your parental instincts.

Xtreme Haunt is the thrill of the park throughout October. Be sure to get there before it all comes to an end! Come back & share your experience with me. I need to know you survived!

(To see our visit, remember to check out the vlog.)