Springtime Activities For Parents

If you've never read my About Me page (go here),  you may not know that I live in North Carolina. I'm right in the middle of beaches and mountains. Makes for interesting weather.

We've had a few snow storms this season but then Spring weather appeared out of nowhere (I'm talking 76+ degrees). As I'm typing this, it is 40 degrees outside. Yep... 40.

I'm not happy about it.

Nonetheless, the warm weather bug bit hard and I'm ready for Spring. I'm not one who enjoys bugs, but I am excited about getting out and adventuring! My family thrives on new activities, travel, backpacking through the woods, and the like. This time around, however, more grown-up time will be added into the mix. Johnny and I love parenting and spending time with our daughters, but we need more time alone with each other.  

Below is a list of activities we would like to partake in over the next few months.  Some of them are recurring favorites but others are new. I'm sure this list will expand exponentially as time goes on.


Interracial Couples




What's On Our Agenda


Movie nights- We love movies and there are so many that we need to catch up on! While going to the theater is cool, absolutely nothing compares to renting/streaming whatever we want, eating delicious food, and drinking a glass of whatever "slap dab" in the middle of our couch. There's no place like home!

Rock Climbing- Okay, I've wanted to do the indoor rock climbing thing for a while. Although we plan to do it with the kids at some point, I know it'll be a great date night option. One of two things will happen: (1) the competition between us will be fierce, (2) the support will be epic and I'll get to fall into his arms. #Winning

Dancing- Johnny doesn't know about this one yet. I'll have to spring it on him like a lioness attacking antelope. You see, he doesn't do dancing. Let me repeat: Johnny does not do dancing unless... 1) he's enjoyed a few beers or 2) he's doing it at home. I miss letting loose on a dance floor like no one's watching. Am I a great dancer? No. Do I care? Definitely not! 

Shows- It's been a while since either of us have attended a play, concert, etc. We were recently discussing our need and goal to get out more as a couple. I will be stalking Ticket Master over the next few months but here's my two cents... don't skip the free local concerts/events in your area (do your research). It's a fantastic way to have a good time and possibly a couples' night with friends.

Skydiving-  Whether indoor or outdoor, we're excited to try it! I'm no daredevil but being with Johnny destroys my comfort zones. In his own loving way, he forces me to try things I otherwise wouldn't. I love that! He has a passion for motorcycles and taught me to ride one in my driveway years ago. I told him I wanted to try zip lining so he bought VIP tickets. Those tickets had us on 14 lines from towers so high they swayed with the wind. Crazy but I DID IT


More Ideas


  • Take a walking tour of historic/cultural areas in your city
  • Find a cooking class for food you've never tried
  • Try yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, anything NEW
  • Enjoy a couple's massage
  • Join a meet-up group for couples and actually attend 
  • Host a game night and invite friends
  • Stay home and be intimate 
  • Eat a meal ocean/lake front
  • Go biking, hiking, canoeing
  • Try horseback riding
  • Relax at a lounge on open mic nights and have drinks
  • Sing a duet at a Karaoke bar
  • Go camping


If nothing on the list above excites you, there still isn't a lack of options. Be adventurous and daring. Be comfy and chill. Get out and just see where you end up. Whatever your vibe, DO SOMETHING intentionally. 

As parents, we're always overly concerned with keeping our kids busy but we forget about ourselves. We overlook our own need to have fun and be carefree. Not only is it okay to do, it's vital! 

Let me know what you venture out to do. I'm genuinely curious.  What activities are on your list?

Johnny and I recently enjoyed a day date after spending some quality time with our girls. You can check out the vlog below. We'd love for you to subscribe to our channel. Thanks!


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