Gem Mining & Touring Xtreme Park Adventures

*This activity was sponsored by Xtreme Park Adventures. All opinions are my own.*


We're an outdoorsy family. That's no secret.

We live our best lives when we're venturing into the woods, trekking mountains, exploring seashores, & participating in activities that get our minds wandering or adrenaline flowing. Luckily for us, the opportunity to visit Xtreme Park Adventures in Durham, NC came our way. 

We were all over it.  

The park recently unveiled a 36-obstacle ropes course, gem mining, 2 escape rooms, & has paintball, laser tag, zip lining & so much more. Instead of listing every activity, I've linked to the site so you can see the attractions for yourself! There's much more in store for the park & we can't wait to experience it!



Xtreme Adventure Park


Our daughters are still young & while our oldest (10) can handle quite a bit, we have to choose carefully for our youngest (5). Many of the park's activities involve height and/or speed so we chose an activity both girls would enjoy.

Gem mining!



A growing rock collection is sure to take over our home any day now. No matter the location, @2pbgirls are always on the hunt for eye-catching gems & crystals. They've been on this mission consistently for years. My heart was happy thinking of the goodies in store for them at Xtreme Park Adventures! 

It was a busy Saturday morning at the park, but staff members were very kind & attentive. They set us up for our activity & checked on us often. After receiving our sand bags, the girls were excited to get to work! Each of us gasped in disbelief when the water washed the sand away revealing gems of various vibrant colors, irregular shapes, & unique textures. There were also fossils & shark teeth! I could envision our rock (and now fossil) collection growing by the second! 



It wasn't long before "I'm hungry" filled the air. The sun was showing off all morning so we decided to take an eating & restroom break. No worries parents, the park has you covered! There is a snack lounge/diner on site. Whether it's a small bag of chips & a drink that you need, or a full on hot dog/ hamburger meal with fries, it's all right there. If you're like me & seek out coffee in case of emergencies, they have that, too! Restrooms are conveniently around the corner for your little superheroes.


Xtreme Park Adventures


Another cool thing about the lounge... it's also a shop! They sell all things Paint Ball, Air Soft, & offer a repair service for your personal equipment.


Xtreme Adventure Park


The second part of our visit involved a tour of the grounds. We had an inside look & learned about exciting plans for the park. There are educational/nature programs, a water park, zip lining for kids, new escape rooms, etc, in the works! Some areas are now under construction so be sure to call before visiting just to ensure your chosen activity is available. 

None of the area's construction hindered our fun. There's plenty to do at Xtreme Park Adventures to keep you busy! Be sure to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, & stay hydrated.


Xtreme Adventure Park


If this sounds (and looks) like a place you/your kids will enjoy, you'll be excited to know that birthday party packages are also offered. Have a large area of land? Xtreme Park Adventures will bring their mobile parties to you!

From a professional aspect... corporate team building options are available as well. There's a fully equipped multi-media room right on site. No matter the event, I think you'll be covered!


My family truly enjoyed our Saturday finding gems & getting acquainted with all things adventure! If you love outdoor activities like we do, you won't be disappointed. Xtreme Park Adventures can be found at:

7460 Highway 98 / Wake Forest Rd.
Durham, 27703, NC
United States


Feel free to call ahead for reservations & bring a donation for Paralyzed Veterans of America.


I couldn't cover everything in this post so I urge you to explore the site for more information. Come back to share your experience with us. If you've visited before, what did you participate in? There are plenty of holiday activities coming up at the park. Maybe we'll see you there around Halloween for some zombie excitement!

If you'd like to view our visit, a bit of it is posted below & on our family Youtube channel, Hang'n With The Heards. Be sure to subscribe to keep with our excursions & help us grow our Youtube family.