Justice Runway Fashion Show Event

Sequins, patterns, color galore, toys, accessories, room decor! If there’s one place my daughters always want to visit, it’s Justice. They can’t get enough. I mean really…. what’s not to love?!

In fact, @2pbgirls love it so much they’re willing to window shop. This time around, however, not only did they make a purchase, they participated in a #JusticeRunway Fashion Show event. (Watch the girls here)

So much fun!

Justice Runway

As a mother raising daughters, I consistently seek adventures & experiences that instill confidence. When I found out Justice was having a local event, I was too excited to make sure my girls were a part of it. I didn’t tell them until we arrived so you can imagine the screams that filled my car!

The fashion show was free & open to the public. To have your child(ren) participate, you needed to show up at least 30 minutes early. There were a few holiday wish-list questions to answer upon arrival. From there, the associates helped the girls choose a runway outfit for the show. It was empowering for them to choose what they wanted & then show it off to everyone in attendance!

The Justice brand shares in my goals for my daughters (self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-confidence). Although the stores cater to tween girls ages 7-14, younger kids are sure to find toys, accessories, & room decor expressing their personal style. Justice represents a wide spectrum of personalities & tastes. Whether you have a girly-girl like my youngest, an athlete like my oldest, or somewhere in the middle, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Representation always matters!

My daughters, @2pbgirls, will never fit into anyone’s box. They each have a unique personality & are multifaceted. Their interests cannot be measured nor can their tastes be tamed. This is one of the things I love most about my daughters & the reason I support the Justice brand. It allows every girl to be herself without apology or compromise (in my opinion). As long as my daughters see themselves represented when shopping at Justice, I’ll make sure to get them there for events & shopping!

Justice Runway
Justice Runway
Justice Runway
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Live Justice
Live Justice
Justice Runway Fashion Show
Justice strong

…In The Works…

We visited the Justice store location in Burlington, NC at #AlamanceCrossing. The sales associates are always nice & welcoming. In addition to upcoming holiday sales, I was thrilled to learn about their plans to host birthday parties. Girls will dress up, receive makeovers, etc. I don’t know if this is happening nationwide so contact your local store for more information.

Be sure to visit the #ShopJustice website to find “steals & deals” on winter fashion, accessories, & more. While doing my own research, I found these offers in the works for the holiday season:

  • December 7-9: Live Justice blanket with $100 purchase or more (in-store US only)

  • December 10-20: Wristlet with $40 gift card purchase (US only)

  • December 15-16: Ornament with $50 purchase

You can also learn about their fundraiser to bring awareness to Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH). Oh & btw… your precious girl(s) will love you even more when you download the Live Justice App. It’s available on Android & iOS.

Remember to watch the girls participate in the #JusticeRunway fashion show here. Happy holidays!

#JusticeStrong #LiveJustice

#JusticeStrong #LiveJustice