Kite Flying With Your Family

Winter often has us trapped inside for way too long. After a while, my family gets anxious & we have to break the home-school-home routine.

Fresh air to the rescue!

Recently, the sun appeared, temps warmed, & winds were higher than normal. We decided to pull out our new kites. By “new” I mean we’ve had them for a few years but never used them!

I don’t remember where we purchased our kites but I remember how happy & excited our @2pbgirls were to get them! Our future #MarineBiologist chose the shark. Our little #artist chose the most colorful.

Suits them perfectly!

kite flying
kite flying

Kites have such a unique history. They date back to China in 470 B.C. There are many stories behind their origin but they were once used for ceremonies, tools, fishing. and possibly to spy on enemies & send messages.


Kite flying is an inexpensive & fun activity. If the sun is out, you get a good dose of Vitamin D as well. The best part of our experience was witnessing the confidence this new skill gave Alora & Vivia. Mission accomplished! We enjoy exposing the girls to things they’ve never done. (Watch the vlog here.)

There’s something magical about flying a kite. Seeing it’s colors, watching it soar with the line in your hand(s), & feeling the wind in your hair is what dreams are made of. Freedom & fun baby!

I was impressed by Johnny’s knowledge of the science behind it all. He explained wind pressure, lift, drag, etc. to us. As a child, he learned a lot about flying kites. I never had the experience in childhood but I’m having fun with it as an adult. It took a few tries to get the kites soaring but it eventually worked out.

We’re so excited to do it again on a nice day!

If you’ve never flown a kite, it’s definitely something my family & I recommend. Oh & please, don’t feel ashamed if you’ve never touched one. Instead, be adventurous & step out of your comfort zone to try something new. You’ll be so proud of yourself!

There are many websites, videos, etc, to teach you kite-flying basics. Just ask aunt Google! She’ll hook you up almost every time. When I did a Youtube search for How to fly a kite, this was the first video to pop up. Hopefully, it offers you some useful information.

National Kite Flying Day is February 8, 2019. There are festivals & many activities occurring. Some establishments hold “kite making” classes. Be sure to find something happening near you & get out there! Even if you don’t participate, I’m sure a sky of colorful kites is a beauty to behold.

When you decide to get your kite in the wind, remember to find a very open area: no trees, power lines, rain, or other obstacles. Check before you pull out your kite. If all is clear & you’re properly set up, let it fly! I hope you think to pack a lunch/snacks/water because you won’t be in a rush to get back home.

Have fun & run wild! #FunAdventureFamily

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