They Don't Know Your Story

It's easy to look at someone and judge what you see-even the things you can't see. However, just because you don't know a person's story doesn't mean there isn't one.

People look at YOU and question if your whole is greater than the sum of your parts. They take one look at your outer shell and give their verdict. They sum you up just that quickly as a success or a failure. People say many things BUT they don't know what you've been through!

Looming doubt, paralyzing critiques, the Imposter Syndrome, the fear of failure and success have all been companions on my journey. We've sipped tea and 'broke bread' together. We spooned and cuddled in our bed of comfort zones until one day it became uncomfortable and I was tired of lying down. Are you in that same bed right now? If so, it's time to get up!

When you want to be in a different position you have to move, to take action!

I sat up and got off of that bed of complacency. My body was covered in bedsores from staying in one position far too long. My soul was in agony from a lack of movement & growth. When I opened my eyes to the trickery and deceit of my own negative mindset, the tea party, spooning, and cuddling were over!

It lied and lied and lied. It took and took and took from me. The one thing that negativity doesn't do, is give. It can't! Open your eyes to it and stare it down. 

You have to face the truth of your reality to do something about it.

A few years ago I decided to become someone that I could be proud of. I was fed up with the shallow, directionless woman I had become. Just thinking of the time and money I wasted on nonsense is unbelievable. The energy I expended on invaluable things and people is nauseating. It's not that the people I spent time with didn't have value. They just didn't add value to my life in a way that propelled me forward.

Life is, however, a process. It's a journey with winding roads, slippery slopes, and annoying detours. If you don't give up and if you listen to that voice inside whispering your purpose, you'll learn to navigate your way to your destiny! Every experience has a lesson and leaves paths that you must choose from.

It has taken a long time to figure out who I am and the direction I want to go. Most of that was the result of fear and lacking knowledge. Sure, I'm still evolving. I never want to stop peeling back my own layers. There's so much of me that is yet to be revealed. I'm much more than my mistakes and introversion have allowed me to express.

Any introverts out there know what I'm talking about?

I'm proud to now be in a place of self-confidence. I've equally accepted that shyness is a part of my DNA but I'm also bold and courageous when I need to be. Don't sleep on ya girl! I'm known to shock the hell out of people/myself from time to time.

I'm honest about my experiences and lessons learned. I don't have anyone to impress nor anything to hide. I'm too focused for that. As a mom of two, any remaining energy I have is fuel I need to bring my goals to life!

The end.

I've been through some serious shit and I'm not ashamed of it. I know you've been through things, too. Things maybe much worse than I've been through, but we're still here. We're still fighting and I refuse to allow anyone to hinder my progress! How about you? I don't like the term haters but if that's what they're doing, let them hate on your newness.


My haters weren't there when I wasn't making enough money to pay my bills and almost lost my car. They weren't there when ovarian cysts made me too sick to function & convinced me that I was infertile. They weren't there when I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition that threatened to change the course of my life. They weren't there when my family lived in a dump because a greedy landlord effed us over, thwarted our home buying plans, and left us desperate. I'm sure those same haters talked about us and probably laughed at us, too, but they weren't there!

THAT fact makes your haters/doubters/skeptics irrelevant in your life... in our lives. That same fact makes them witnesses to our turnaround and success. Don't run from opposition. Don't cower in shame. Instead, let it all motivate you to do the damn thing!

Now say it loud for the ones in the back!

Stay focused queens and kings. Know that it's okay to crawl, then walk, then run. If all you can do is scoot, then do that! Slide across the floor on your belly if you have to! As long as you're moving, you're building momentum. As long as you're moving, you're on your way. And THAT puts you way ahead of the ones sitting still.