Shopping At National Pawn

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of National Pawn. All opinions are my own.*

I've been pretty vocal about my love of good deals & thrift shopping. Finding high quality items as inexpensively as possible is always my mission. It makes me feel good to know I'm saving money!

My thrift shopping obsession started as a child. I remember my first visit to a second-hand store. I couldn't believe how many items I was able to take home versus the lesser amount in other stores. As I got older, realizing the difference between quantity & quality guided my purchasing decisions. While finding quality items at a thrift store is now the norm, I never expected to find such quality & diverse options in a pawn shop!

I was recently invited to visit National Pawn. I did my best to go in with an open mind but let's be honest... When most people think of pawn shops, they think of a shady environment with barred windows, bad lighting, & an inhospitable staff. At least I did! I also expected to find items in poor condition that were simply someone else's throwaways.

I'm so happy I was wrong.


National Pawn


Many stereotypes around pawn shops were destroyed the day of my visit. National Pawn raised the bar & helped me see past my own preconceived expectations. I really was amazed at the variety of items, but what caught my attention first was the customer service.

As soon as I entered, I was acknowledged & welcomed. I think that's important to most people. Not acknowledging me as a (potential) customer is one thing that will have me spending my money elsewhere! I first met Marc, the store's assistant manager, & was then shown around by Lindsey, a sales associate. See them giving their best smiles here in the second photo!

Lindsey was amazing & gave me the scoop on all things National Pawn. There was such a variety of products. Everything from musical instruments, small appliances, cameras, GPS systems, TVs, tools, fitness equipment, bicycles, & blu-ray discs filled the store.



I think I was most surprised by the amount of luxury items present. Beautiful jewelry, brand name purses, & designer sunglasses adorned store shelves & display cases. You'd spend a fortune in a department store for these items but the prices at National Pawn were satisfying to my soul & wallet! It was akin to visiting a high-end consignment shop.


National Pawn Jewelry


My daughters, @2pbgirls, visited the store with me so it wasn't long before my mommy senses kicked in. I began to ponder how the store could be beneficial to my family during the #BackToSchool season. Lindsey then led me to laptops, MacBooks, tablets, & calculators which all looked to be in really good condition. I definitely recommend stopping by your nearest National Pawn shop to see what's up for grabs. Back-to-school expenses are no laughing matter!



I inquired further about electronic items, return policies, etc. I wanted to know if products had been tested & really worked. Lindsey assured me that all electronics are tested before being priced to sale. Customers are also encouraged to test items in the store before making purchases.

Win, WIN!

As far as returns go, customers have three days to receive a full refund & 30 days to exchange items. That was fair in my opinion. I also appreciate their layaway program. Whether you want to do a layaway for a near-future purchase or the upcoming holidays, you can!


Christmas In July


Needless to say, I was impressed during my visit. I didn't think my new opinion could get any better until I found out about their donations to the school system & the Boys & Girls Club. National Pawn has donated desktops & musical instruments to enhance the lives of children. If that doesn't give you a good feeling, nothing will.


National Pawn

I left the store a happy, satisfied customer & will be returning to see what's in stock. New items come in daily which is fantastic news to a bargain shopper like me! To find additional information about National Pawn (events, news, hiring), be sure to visit their website. If you're interested in visiting the same store I went to, here's the info:

Address: 6740 Fleetwood Drive, Raleigh NC 27612

Phone: 919-390-7622


Let me know about your experience with National Pawn. I'd love to know what you purchased!


National Pawn