Three Fall Looks for Toddlers

Fall is here and I always look forward to buying comfy sweaters, jackets, puffy vests, leg warmers, boots, etc, for my daughters. We recently went shopping and picked out super cute items! I haven't done a complete haul with them yet but Vivia, my youngest, chose three of her fave outfits to show off!

It was an eventful shoot (that's mom code for "OH MY GOD!") but we had a blast! I love making memories with my family via video and photo! Check out our montage of a few of Vivia's new clothing selections. We threw in a few laughs so be sure to watch it in its entirety! It's mom-life without edits!

Oh... and btw... shout out to Ross' and TJ Maxx for awesome prices and styles for my family. I love to see my daughters' confidence soar and smiles brighten when they feel good!