Pregnancy, Iron Deficiency, & Prenatal Vitamins

Most mothers vividly recall pregnancy ups and downs. We remember our aches and pains just as much as the warm fuzzy moments. One thing pregnancy gave me that still remains is my need for extra iron. I suffer with iron deficiency and I know this is a battle many women face after pregnancy and child birth.

Are you now or did you experience this with your pregnancy?

My iron levels were dangerously low while carrying my last child. The doctor put me on iron supplements but also informed me that I could maintain my levels with strategic eating habits. Greens such as kale & spinach, and meats like beef & liver were high on the list. While I don't eat the meats often, it's normal for me to eat kale or spinach with every meal.

Have you tried adding greens to smoothies for an iron/energy boost? (recipe link below)



When my levels are low, my body doesn't function properly. I suffer with shortness of breath, headaches, heart palpitations, exhaustion, tongue swelling & soreness, leg and foot pains, inability to focus, and brain fog. Yes... it's horrible and is the last thing anyone (especially a mother) has time to go through.

Keeping up with daily life is challenging enough!

Along with an iron rich diet, I take iron supplements daily. They are one of my staples in order to be at my best. I recently considered purchasing prenatal vitamins again because of the extra iron. I plan to talk to a doctor about this as well. I truly loved taking prenatals while pregnant. I functioned better, normally, and that's how it should be.

I'm a busy, seasoned mom of two now- if there is such a thing-but while pregnant, there was still so much to anticipate, think about, and purchase. Pregnancy isn't the time for added stress. I found convenience and a little peace of mind shopping on sites like This site has such a variety of items to browse: clothes, vitamins, and everything in between.

My iron levels are more under control these days but when I slack off, the consequences always follow. I've learned to embrace my unwanted companion and I do my best to respect it.

Sometimes I ponder having another child but I'm truly happy with my two beautiful girls. They have reached stages of independence that I find to be a blessing. I also don't think my body wants to handle the many struggles that come with pregnancy. Growing a child inside is a miracle but those miracles unfortunately have taken too much from my already overworked body. I'm now happy to live vicariously through the glowing pregnant women I see.

This motherhood journey has been a hell of a ride so far and I'm excited about what's to come!

I would love to hear your pregnancy stories. Or... help a mama out by sharing the prenatals or supplements you use to combat iron deficiency. I tell you what... post a comment and that automatically puts you in the running for a $50 gift certificate!

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Merry Christmas to all of you!



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