Our Favorite Halloween Costumes

kids halloween costumes

Halloween is coming and we can’t wait. It’s one of the best holidays of the year! We have lots of fun with our family trick-or-treating and doing other fun stuff.

Last year, we didn’t buy new costumes because our grandmother bought us SO many from the year before. She shopped for them at Walmart after Halloween was over & got them on sale. Some were still brand new because we never opened them!

Our G-ma, aunt, and baby cousin came over to go treat-or-treating with us. They were dressed like The Incredibles. So cute and we love that movie! We helped our cousin say “trick or treat!” and get candy.

We’re not sure what costumes we’ll get this year but we have a few ideas. Our parents usually dress up, too. They love Halloween almost more than we do! Maybe we’ll get matching family costumes this time. That would be awesome!

Our favorite kind of costumes are usually a mix of cute and scary. For example, one year Vivia was a zombie bumblebee. I (Alora) like wearing vampire or superhero costumes with Halloween makeup to make me scarier. It’s so much fun!

Do you love Halloween, too? What’s your favorite costume to wear?