The cariPRO: Our Newest Travel Essential

Less things, more adventures is how we’re living our lives these days. However, to fully partake in these adventures, we need certain things. Our daughters have their toys, books, & art supplies but Johnny & I need our adult items. My dad jokingly refers to it as “old folks stuff!”

As a couple, we help each other pack to avoid forgetting things. Whether we’re heading out for an extended stay or just for the day, items such as our vitamins, protein, sunglasses, water bottles, etc, are a must. Also, our cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes help start & end our days on a positive note.

We recently took a family road trip & brought our new toothbrushes along for the ride. Whether or not we’re playing around to annoy the kids, at least one smoochy pic is taken during our travels. The only way to do that is with clean teeth & fresh breath! Let’s get into the awesomeness of these toothbrushes.


The cariPRO

You may remember my previous partnership with Smile Brilliant to try out their teeth whitening gel. My results were amazing! When they reached out with an opportunity to try their new electric toothbrush, I didn’t hold back my excitement. With the arrival of warmer months & frequent adventures, I knew adding the cariPRO toothbrush to our routines would be a great decision. As committed daily coffee drinkers, we’re always at war with teeth stains.

There are three toothbrush packages to choose from: The Individual, Deluxe, & Couples Package. I opted for the couples package to share the experience with Johnny & get a male perspective. We can express with words how much cleaner our teeth & mouths feel but you won’t get it without trying one for yourself.

That’s how it is with anything right?

Yes, we’ve played around with other electric toothbrushes before but never stuck with any of them. The ones we tried weren’t impressive enough to continue investing our money. Using an everyday manual toothbrush has been our norm. However, after trying the cariPRO we questioned what we’ve been doing with our lives. And teeth for that matter!

Also, compared to other electric toothbrush packages considered “top of the line,” this one is super affordable. Dang right I checked!


Each toothbrush package comes with the cariPRO Ultrasonic toothbrush, premium replacement heads (with a tongue scraper on the back side), DuPont™ bristles, a wireless charging dock (30 day charge), & instruction manual. There’s also a 60 day trial & 2 year warranty included with your purchases. Be sure to hang on to your receipts!

Check out the FAQ page for questions concerning the toothbrushes, policies, etc.

The toothbrushes have 40k vibrations & are waterproof for those who love getting everything done in the shower or bath. What really blew us away are the five settings/modes. These things come with options people!

  1. Clean - For superior daily cleaning.

  2. White - Most powerful setting for removing stains, polishing, & deep cleaning.

  3. Massage - For gentle gum stimulation.

  4. Gum Care - For gentle gumline cleaning.

  5. Sensitive - For those with sensitive teeth & gums. Ideal for beginners if clean mode is too powerful.

cariPRO ultrasonic electric toothbrush

Our Experience

My first time using the cariPRO, the clean mode was too much for me. Either my teeth weren’t accustomed to this level of scrubbing or I was brushing too hard. Gentle is definitely better with this workhorse.

The brushing didn’t hurt but instead tickled my mouth a bit uncomfortably & felt weird. I clearly had to get use to the feel of an electric toothbrush! As the instructions suggested, I moved to the sensitive mode & found my happy place. After a few uses, I considered myself a pro & moved back to clean mode with no problem.

The initial tickling sensation didn’t affect Johnny as much but he couldn’t deny the power of the toothbrush. He decided to try sensitive mode & work his way up along with me. He’s especially fond of the polished feeling of his teeth after using the whitening setting. A manual toothbrush just doesn’t give those results!

We love that each setting on the cariPRO operates for two minutes, with 30 second bursts. It basically tells you how long to brush each quadrant of your mouth. You don’t have to think or time yourself. The toothbrush does the work for you.

Cleaning, whitening, & polishing our teeth has again been simplified. Plus, it doesn’t take any extra time because brushing is already a part of our regular routine at least twice per day.

cariPRO ultrasonic electric toothbrush

The Giveaway

I have such an appreciation for Smile Brilliant because their level of quality & customer service is unwavering. I continue to have great experiences with their products & I always want YOU to have those great experiences, too!

This new collaboration gives one of you the chance to win a brand new cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush. Entering the giveaway is super simple. All you have to do is provide your first name & email address.

Easy peasy!

Don't consider yourself out of the game if you don't win. I also have a coupon code for those eager to make a purchase. Use thrillermomtb20 for 20% off your new cariPRO Ultrasonic electric tootbrush.

Good luck to everyone who enters! Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me or contact Smile Brilliant. They have live support on standby.

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