Demand What You Need Confidently

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Confidence At Home

Becoming a confident woman is about more than walking into and commanding a room. Confidence shows up in many different forms. It’s a depends-on-the-individual kind of thing. I have come to understand that it is also asking for and lovingly demanding what I need daily.

I’m far past the age of being considered a whippersnapper. At this point in the game, as a woman, spouse, and mother, experience has taught me very well. I know what it takes to stay in my happy place and not morph into Cruella Deville! For instance:

-I need time in the morning to breathe, pray, and realize my existence.

-I need exercise to release tension and stress.

-I can’t use the toilet alone (because... kids) but I need to shower alone and uninterrupted!

-I need time to write, create, and visualize.

Can you relate?


The Effects

My family had a difficult time with these demands at first, no matter how lovingly I expressed them. With consistency, however, my short list of must-haves became a norm. As a family, we’re still learning how to respect each others alone time.

Asking for what you need is in no way selfish. It’s a way to honor your life, energy, talents, and spirit. When you respect yourself, you in turn honor the divine and are able to be better and more present for others-especially your loved ones!

Ask for what you need or life will decide for you! 


Lessons Learned

By example, I am teaching my daughters to set boundaries. I am showing them that rejuvenation and personal enjoyment enhances their lives and makes them better people. I love witnessing how confident they are becoming in this area! My oldest now informs me when she needs time to herself. That has become my cue to step in, engage my toddler in an activity, and give Alora (my oldest) at least 20 minutes to herself. As a mom I don't have much time to spare, but I'm learning the importance of creating it when necessary.


Are you asking for what you need daily? Are you taking time out for you, to rejuvenate and center yourself? We each lead busy lives and it’s not always easy to do, but it is a necessity.

What can you do to carve out a few minutes for yourself each day?


  • Decide what you need to be at your best
  • Prioritize those needs
  • Schedule the time within your day
  • Discuss your plan with your circle
  • Implement your plan
  • Stick with it
  • Respect the needs of others in return

Now that my family has left me alone long enough to write this, I am using the remainder of my time to work up a good sweat. My daughters are starting to butt heads and Mama needs a reinforcement. Lol! Exercise saves lives and sanity!

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