Have You Put Yourself In Check Lately

It’s in the late night hours that I have the most clarity; my deepest thoughts revealed. One night, while up late creating content, I started to ponder the course of my life and career. I asked myself “Tandra, what the hell are you really doing?

I had to be honest with myself about what was and was not working overall. I got real about the clutter in my mind caused by the clutter in my surroundings. I got real about everyday stress and my inability to get things done (laundry, cleaning, meal prep, family time, work) caused by my lack of a system.

I realized that in order to reach the level of success I desire, I have to make room for it in my life.


I realized that in order to reach the level of success I desire, I have to make room for it in my life. -Tweet That!


If you’re not on top of your game with personal things, how will others trust you with their time and hard-earned money? We make ourselves more valuable to others when we treat our own lives and possessions with respect! People’s trust and personal efforts are priceless and as creatives, our products, services, and creations need other people in order to be profitable.

Don’t let anyone fool you with the “I don’t need anyone” proclamation. We need each other!


What I did with my new epiphany

First I picked my ego up off the floor!  I am truly my toughest critic and best friend. One thing I’m very proud of is my ability to call myself out on things, acknowledge their truth and relevancy, and then do better. Sure, I have others in my life who do this for me as well, but that’s the icing on my cake of progression!

I have decluttered a lot. I am getting things more in order daily and ridding myself of unnecessary paper, books, magazines, clothes, shoes, and people (yes people). Goodwill, domestic abuse donation centers, libraries, and shelters are happy to take items off of your hands! (Women like this, in domestic abuse situations, need your generosity.)

I am (still) deep cleaning and getting organized in my home life. I am developing systems to make the busyness of my home flow a bit more smoothly. As a bustling family of four, organization is essential!

(Look out for an upcoming post about systems that are working for me.)

It’s all a work in progress and that work has to happen daily.


Your Turn

Have you put yourself in check lately? What things do you know you need to do but haven’t done? What can you get rid of, donate, or sell? How can you improve yourself to be more valuable to others?

Clutter and a lack of systems truly affect your mind negatively. They block your creativity and hinder your advancement. Are you feeling blocked these days? Your environment could be the culprit so take a look around you.

Ask yourself the hard questions and never be ashamed to admit fault. Don’t be embarrassed of your humanity. That wastes time and energy! If you’re like me, you have a home to run and business to build. You can’t afford to expend energy on guilt and shame!

Acknowledgement and taking action makes things happen!

Self-reflection builds your confidence and character. It makes you a better person. Period. Get real with YOU so you can show up and be at your best for others!  Want more tips on being confident? Check out my video here!

Comment below telling me what systems have improved your life, how you stay organized/on top of your game, OR tell me the areas you need to improve in. We can work together to be successful. Isn't that just great?!

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