Kids Fall Finds At Osh Kosh 2019

kids fashion 2019

I love shopping for clothes. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

I like colorful clothes with lots of patterns and pretty designs. If they have unicorns, rainbows, or flowers, I get really excited!

Mommy lets me choose my outfits. She helps me a little bit sometimes but I’m a big girl and can do it by myself! If mommy picks out my school clothes and I don’t like them, she’ll let me change.

Before school started, I went shopping. It was so much fun! I went to #OshKosh and bought a few things for summer but mostly fall. It’s getting colder outside and I’ll have to wear long sleeves & jeans like my sister. I think we’re going to shop for boots next!

I wanted to buy the whole #OshKosh store but we didn’t have enough money to do that! Mommy said we may have to go back for longer jeans because I’m getting so tall. We took pictures first because I couldn’t wait to show you my new stuff!

I hope you like my outfits. I put them together all by myself! I chose my bracelets and rings, too.

Which one is your favorite? Do you like to shop like me?

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Look 1

Osh Kosh finds

Look 2


Look 3

kids fall fashion 2019