One Reason You Will Never Achieve

Just a few years ago I was like a leaf in a storm- blowing through life aimlessly, directionless. It wasn't that I didn't have dreams. There were things I wanted to accomplish. I had a novel-long list of “I wish” and “someday” but I never took the necessary steps to make any of it happen.

Truth is… you can wish, pray, and visualize all day long but until you take action, you may as well get comfy in your current position. For example, let’s say you want a good ole Snickers bar (humor me!). You want it so badly that you can taste it.

Now… see that bar in your mind. Wish that you had it. Say a little prayer for it even. Did anything happen? Is that chocolate goodness in your possession?

I didn’t think so. If it is, send me an email. I want to schedule a meeting STAT!

Inaction is the key reason many dreams never become a reality. People make plans and may talk endlessly about them, however, they lack execution. Do you know someone like that? Is that someone YOU? In order to get the candy bar (or anything at all) you have to do something.

The same is true for all goals. You want to be fit and healthy? Learn a new language? Continue your education? Meet new people? Learn to dance?

Then do something about it.  



Reality Check

No one is coming to your door begging you to achieve nor offering to do it for you. You have to be passionate and relentless in the pursuit of what you consider success. Because I took solid and consistent action, I’ve been able to cross things off of my own goal list. I guarantee, had I not gotten over myself, acknowledged the nudging within, and found the courage to act, I’d still be depressed, wishing, and hoping.

You CAN do it! You are capable and worthy of better! The kind of life you desire to live is waiting for you to live it!

Take one step, then another. You'll soon build the confidence to do more! The small steps count. As a matter of fact, your foundation is built on those small steps. Trust me, I know.

None of us were meant to live dull, meaningless lives. Begin now to create the kind of life you wake up enthusiastic about! I know because I’ve followed my own advice and continue to daily. 



Now that you’re fired up… now that you’re ready and convinced you will succeed… swallow this last pill: Don’t allow yourself to make excuses.


Obstacles will come, doubt will show up, fear will intimidate, but you are more powerful than you realize. -Tweet This


Obstacles will come, doubt will show up, fear will intimidate, but you are more powerful than you realize. Having courage is simply using fear as the gas to your flame. You’re afraid and nervous, but do it anyway.

Make no excuses.

When problems arise, don’t give up. Take a step back and find another route because there is always a way to get something done. When you get lost driving a car, you don’t just sit there defeated do you? No! You recalculate, ask others for directions, and then you try again.

Make no excuses.

Are you ready? Will you do it? Don’t choose mediocrity or join the group that gave up.

Remember, I’m cheering for you. You have someone in your corner. I believe in YOU!

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