Laughter Is Life

One of the things that helps me make it through my busiest and darkest days is humor. I'm a silly, fun-loving person but only those in my circle know the extent to which my humor goes! It runs deep y'all! Lol!  Life can't always be business and work and rigid expressions. We aren't meant to face life stressed, depressed, sad, and exhausted.

Learn to laugh A LOT! Learn to find humor in mistakes and setbacks (when you can). Give other people- and especially yourself- grace to be human. Life is meant to be lived; none of us are here to simply exist.

Take time to do something fun! I know you have deadlines and a ton of work to do. I know your goals and your competition rarely sleep but I can assure you that greater productivity comes with downtime. Enjoy your life and watch your confidence soar!

Watch a comedy you haven't seen or one that you love and have watched a thousand times. Spend time outdoors (nature grounds you) with your family or inside playing games. GO somewhere... DO something enjoyable. And for goodness sake... get some sleep! You have my permission!

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