Second Grade Came With Hard Lessons

It’s finally summer break. FI-NAL-LY. I think I’m more excited about its arrival than my daughter! This part of our journey ended on a good note and to my knowledge, nothing was left undone.

As a parent, it is my intention that Alora ends each school year more knowledgeable and mature than she entered it. Based on my observances of her then (at the start) and now (at the end), there's no doubt of her maturity! She, however, isn’t the only one learning. Second grade came with hard but valuable lessons (for me) that have hopefully prepared us all for the next school year.

Truthfully, some of the lessons didn’t come easy. A few were downright embarrassing but I think I’m better for having gone through them. At least, that is my prayer.

Be On Time

Dang woman… Why can’t you get your child to school on time?!

We accrued a ridiculous amount of tardies this year! To think that we started the school year organized, prepared, and prompt makes my stomach hurt. I lived by the philosophy “on time is late but early is on time!” When I was committed to this train of thought, it pushed me to stick to a system. I even wrote about it here. Somewhere along the way, I took off my cape, got off track, and that had a trickle-down effect.

Kids Grow Up

Parents want their kids to grow up until they actually do. During a parent-teacher conference, Alora’s teacher informed me about the amount of maturity that usually occurs during second grade. Yeah I listened. I mean… I heard her but I didn’t really understand until I was having discussions about boyfriends and disloyal friends! She was going through things I didn’t expect her to experience yet and I realized I had to step up my game.

Schoolwork Is A Big Deal

Long gone are the connect-the-dot worksheets and coloring pages. Alora is now learning cursive writing, geometry, and her reading comprehension has to be on point! Second grade drop-kicked me out of my lackadaisical ways and snatched my eyes to reality! Although I’ve always been a hands-on parent, I truly have to make sure her foundations are strong, she is studying, and that she’s learning necessary academic lessons. 

Styles Change With Age

From hair to clothing, kids want to look different as they grow up. It’s time out for the pigtails and little girl hairstyles I typically give Alora. She’s still young, yes, but she’s no longer a baby! I’m not very good with styling hair but it looks like I’ll be spending a lot more time on Youtube (or money in salons).

As for clothing, I don’t dress Alora younger than her years. I consider myself a fairly hip chick when I need to step out in style and I do my best to buy her clothing that’s affordable, age appropriate, and trendy. She’s confident enough to inform me of things she doesn’t like. I, in turn, respect her preferences (most of the time.)

Socializing Is Unavoidable

Online I am Miss Social. In a room with strangers, I know how to turn on the charm for minimal chunks of time. When I have to make friends with other parents, however, that’s where I drop the ball and the team wants to kick me out of the game!

I’m a loner. Those who know me know that I have a very small circle (and I’m overly content with that!) but when your children are social butterflies, it leaves you wide open! Socializing becomes a must! That’s a hard pill for me to swallow but I’ve started with the chewable tablets. In other words I’m going slowly, taking baby steps, saying yes to play dates, and stepping out of my comfort zones.

Overall I think second grade was ruthless in a way that it needed to be. My goals may be big and vital for my family’s future but my daughters’ present education is equally important. She needs to be on time (early!), with neat completed homework, style in check, a full tummy, and ready to learn!

I am more prepared for third grade… I think. My intention is to be an organized, prepared, and prompt parent for much longer than the first quarter of the year!  I’m confident in my summer plan to get us ahead of the game. With a new system and consistency, we’ll be winners once again but hey… in my eyes we always are! 

*Now that the hype of summer break has calmed down a bit, tell me some of the lessons YOU've (the parent) learned from this past school year.


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