Make Time To Be There

It seems like yesterday that Johnny and I became parents. Our oldest was such a tiny bundle of love. People stopped us in stores to ask if she was real! Because of her smooth skin and head full of jet black, silky hair, they often mistakened her for a porcelain doll. 

In those days, she depended on us for everything. Now we're facing bigger milestones as she turns ten and our youngest heads to kindergarten. We're parents of two girls with an entire decade of precious memories to cherish.

Where does the time go

It just goes, right? None of us knows for sure where, nor can we quantify it. All we can do is honor, and appreciate it by living fully in each moment.

Watching our girls grow up is definitely bittersweet. An important lesson we've learned, however, is to stop taking life so seriously. Life can't be all about work, chores, errands, and to-do lists.

There has to be time for one another as a family. 

It often seems harder for Johnny to let go and allow his girls to mature. I watch him watching them, and for a moment, time seems to stand still. Since neither of us can bottle nor alter it, I've convinced Johnny that he can live moments with them timelessly and stylishly. 

Wearing his heart on his sleeve and Jord watch on his wrist, he is there to catch our daughters when their innocent, yet carefree momentum carries them too fast.

Jord Watches

He is able to lend a hand when the obstacles they face are too big or intimidating to conquer alone.


Wood Watches

Being there is the key.

As parents, none of us want to miss the important moments and guess what... they are all important. That's why quality time together is vital and incomparable.

I have partnered with Jord watches to ensure that time with your family is high-quality both literally and figuratively. Honor your precious moments with a timeless piece from their collection- just in time for the holidays. The Conway Kosso & Midnight Blue piece Johnny is wearing keeps him living each minute to the fullest.


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See for yourself!

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I'm being bold in assuming I'm on Santa's nice list this year. Or at the least, his let-me-think-about-it list. If he decides to leave one of Jord's classic pieces for me, I'll be spending quality time with my family in style... just like Johnny.

Remember to make time to be there with the ones you love daily. Don't allow lists and responsibilities to seize your time, your focus, and cause you to miss out. Being there, in as many moments as possible is undoubtedly the key.