3 Tween Looks For Fall

Alora, my oldest daughter, has never been one to shy away from flaunting her personal style. She is confident, outgoing, and unapologetic when it comes to her tastes. Whether she's rockin' boots, tights, vests, or jeans, Alora is one of the happiest kids I know.


Look 1

Kid's Fashion
Kid's Fashion

Nothing says cold weather like a faux fur vest, jeans, and boots!



Look 2

Kid's Fashion
Kid's Fashion

Alora can't stop smiling whenever she's wearing her fave brand, Justice! Oh, and did you check out her ankle boots?! LOVE!



Look 3

Kid's Fashion
Kid's Fashion

Tights, boots, and cute accessories scream Fall is here!


Alora is curious to know which look you like best. When you leave your answer, SHE will reply to you! Be on the lookout for her next tween looks post. The girl could shop nonstop for days!

(See what others are saying about her outfits here)

My cutie pie recently turned 10 years old. That's a plug I couldn't miss out on!  Thanks for your support!



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