Thriller Mom
Thriller Mom
Becoming a more confident woman. Raising confident girls.

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Silly. Passionate. Determined. Quirky. Eclectic. An old soul. A hot mess. Yep, that's me!

Blogger. Vlogger (our channel). Published writer (buy it here). Adventurer. Fitness lover. Earring addict. Mom of 2. Fiercely devoted to my family. That’s also me!

Hi, I'm Tandra, aka Thriller Mom.

North Carolina is where I call home. I'm close to all the good stuff my state has to offer but I also LOVE to travel, experience, and explore! Don't you?

How the heck did I come up with the name Thriller Mom? I know that's what you're wondering and if I had extra money, I'd bet a popular Michael Jackson song came to mind!

Am I right???

Let me give you a quick backstory...

"Once upon a time a little chocolate woman (me) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (my oldest). Life was sweet... until it wasn't. Motherhood showed no mercy towards the inexperienced mom and she lost her cool. As she ranted about her daughter's behavior and stormed across the living room floor, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She looked JUST LIKE Michael Jackson (the zombie version) in his Thriller music video. She had a good laugh and BOOM... Thriller Mom was born!"

What started out as a personal soapbox to vent parenting frustrations turned into a cherished platform of humor and honesty about many facets of life. For now, you can still visit my former site here and check out some of my older posts. Because I’m open about my victories and screw-ups alike, my readers/friends also feel comfy sharing their worlds with me.

I’m relatable and I think they like me that way!

Thriller Mom, the person and the brand, continues to evolve. From my efforts to become a better writer to bigger goals of motivational speaking, coaching, and product launches, I am focused on becoming a more confident and multifaceted woman.

With each step, instilling the same values of growth and confidence within my daughters (ages 3 & 9) is of the utmost importance. The world needs more estrogen power whether soft-spoken, boisterous and mighty, or somewhere in between!

Won’t you join us on our journey?

My family and I THANK YOU so much for being here. We look forward to getting to know you better! <3

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